Topic: The Role of Religious Scholars in the Process of Reconciliation and Maintaining Peace

In light of the increasing disputes and the growing political tensions in the Horn of Africa Region and the circumstances which are surrounding some nation-states such as: Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan, where civil strives broke out recently, all share a common factor which is instability because of lack of political stability and communal peace that result in problems like poverty and lack of opportunities and management of the natural resources which they are blessed with by God

Also, they are infamous for constant displacements. Somalia is in a state of recovery from a chronic civil war and is aiming at getting peace and stability. Despite this, there are ongoing intra-state armed conflicts and social hardships. Therefore, it is necessary to study, analyze and conduct in-depth studies about the root causes of internal armed conflicts

Based on the above-mentioned factors and taking into account that the Somali society is a Muslim community, religious scholars that are its leaders who play important role in rescuing the community from plights in difficult times. Therefore, it is indispensable to recognize the crucial role of Somali clerics in community reconciliation, peacebuilding and creation of a proper vision which can pave the way for fruitful future collective achievements and empowerments